How Can I Help You?

dance choreo library dance class how can i help membership Feb 06, 2023

     How can I help you? Is your brain fried. Are you not in the mood to choreograph, or maybe not getting any inspiration? I can help you with that… I provide a membership for those that would like to have a library of choreography ready to go. Use the music or just take the moves and put to your own song. I have many videos on across the floor routines, stretching ideas, and more. All styles available.

     If you have a student and would like to them to take classes, my membership would be perfect. What’s great about online lessons is that you can hop on and off whenever you like. You have a full library of classes that start off with a warmup, stretch, and routine. Some classes come with bonuses like a craft to go with the class or a game. This makes class really hands on and multidisciplinary. If you are homeschooling and need them to take an arts class or physical activity in place of PE, this is perfect. Let them take class while you can have a break! Maybe you take dance at physical location and just want some extra classes or maybe your schedule is so busy that it’s hard to fit in a dance class at a physical location at the same time each week. Again, one of the great advantages of taking online classes is that you can jump on and off whenever you like!

     The great thing is with my membership is that it includes live lessons and exclusive community as well!

     If you or have a student or child working on a routine for a talent show, dance competition routine, gymnastics routine, ice skating routine, pageant routine, whatever the case may be, I offer consulting or one-on-one lessons where we can focus on your routine or I can provide choreography for your routine if needed. I have choreographed gymnastics floor routines, I have given feedback for gymnastics floor routines, I have choreographed and consulted a student on their talent show routine. I have helped students with their Musical Theatre auditions and more!

     I also do all ages. So if you know someone who would like their quinceanera routine choreographed or their first dance for a wedding or mother/son, father/daughter dance, I’d love to help out.

     I love guiding older students and those who have never auditioned before or who aren’t having any luck with their auditions. I love coaching and analyzing the dancers performance and interview skills which is also something I offer. As a former professional dancer and former professional Dance team director, I have been there. I understand what it’s like not making the team or getting the job or title you wanted the first, second, third, fourth or fifth time!

I am here for you so, again, I have been there when my brain is just done and needed some inspiration.

     Maybe you have thought about teaching online or would like to try it out, please reach out and I’d love to help you on your journey. I think it’s a great addition to dance studios these days. There are so many benefits to adding online classes to your physical studio classes. You can teach and reach to so many more students. You can do dance workshops at your physical location and online at the same time! We are in the year 2023 and I think we all know how to use zoom by now. There are so many ways to be able to reach so many more people via the internet, take advantage! If a student is sick and can’t make class, they can at least watch online. There are so many positives to having online lessons with our without lessons in person.

     If you aren’t sure about my membership or one-on-one lessons, send me a message and we can discuss what is the best option for you. Go and check out my store or you can find me on most social media platforms as well! Message me with any questions.

     I look forward to working with you or collaborating with you in the future or teaching your child classes, see you soon! 


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