Convention Style Audition Tips

auditions convention auditions do's and don'ts tips Mar 20, 2023

In this article we are going to talk about audition tips for convention style auditions. Sometimes we hear these tips but often forget about them so make sure to remind your students about them so it’s stuck in their head.


#1: Don’t hide in the back. If it’s their first convention and there are soooo many dancers, it can be overwhelming and they might want to hide in the back… that’s fine. But if your child is comfortable and want’s to win a scholarship or title then they need to be up front. Now, I’m not saying that they should push someone out of the way and be rude. I have been to many auditions where children are just flat out taught to be rude and do whatever it takes to be up front. Now if you are in the second or third row, will you not be seen? well, good question. It is hard to stand out sometimes with hundreds of other dancers but if you look the part, and your dancing skills are on point, you will definitely stand out. Certain convention teachers are good about making sure that the dancers switch rows so everyone can be seen. In a convention class they often have students go in small groups or one at a time depending on the convention, they need to be ready to shine at all times.


#2: Don’t sit down. This is mainly for the younger students but some older students may need to hear this reminder. We don’t just sit down in class. I’ve seen students sit down and roll around in the middle of the floor. If there is a health issue that’s one thing but if you need to sit out for a health reason go to the side and not in the middle of the floor as that is a safety hazard. If you can let the teacher know ahead of time if you have a health issue as they cannot read minds.


#3: Dancer etiquette. This means not hogging all the space or portable tap floor if they use those. Make sure you use manners and if there aren’t enough portable tap floors or mats, take your turn and then let someone else have a turn or share the mat or floor with your dance team instead of having the whole team spread out and take everything. Don’t push your way through, don’t ask for water… Most of the time there is water on the side at conventions or you can bring your own water. Don’t interrupt the class unless it’s an emergency. It’s ok to ask questions but don’t overdue it. Make sure to thank your teacher after class.


#4: Try not to change clothes. Yes, you might be dancing all day, but if you can avoid having to change your whole outfit do so. It’s one thing to change your tights but you might confuse the judges by changing your whole outfit. Once you start auditioning don’t change unless you have a wardrobe malfunction. Again, the judges might see you in a bright yellow leotard and think oh wow, I really like her, and then if you were to change, and they are looking for you and don’t realize you changed, this might hurt your numbers. Just try not to do it. Especially at conventions you might want to stick to a certain color for the whole convention or a specific hairstyle… Just be consistent and look your best. Again, it’s not about who spends the most money on a leotard but who looks put together and spent extra time on their wardrobe instead of someone who might look like they rolled out of bed.


#5: Be prepared for freestyle. There might be a choreography where they get a chance to show off their own moves, make sure they are prepared and use this time wisely. Have them prepared for a pose before the routine or filler choreography while they are waiting for the routine to start. Have them be ready for after the combination where they might do a cute pose after the routine or movement off the floor. Their personality needs to shine through. It doesn’t have to be rocket science choreography, they just need to be prepared and again, if you are there to win, you definitely need to be doing this.


Most important thing is that they are having fun!!! That’s number one. And then yes, they will learn so many things from attending a convention, it’s not all about winning, it’s about losing, it’s about cheering your teammates on or someone that isn’t on your team. It’s ok to be competitive but students need to learn how to be gracious losers. It’s not a fun feeling, but hopefully they will use that and do even better and work harder for the next time.


If you have any more tips and tricks I would love to hear them. If you are a judge for dance competitions I’d love to hear your advice as well, just send me a message here on my website or on social media.

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