Advantages of Dance

advantages of dance dance is good for you physical and mental health Apr 03, 2023
Teamwork, Socialization, Dance

What are the advantages of taking dance lessons and how they can help you with everyday life?

Whether you need to hear this as an educator, as a student or as a parent, Dance is great for your mental and physical well-being.

There is so much that dance can do for your body that you may not have even thought of or maybe you forgot and need to hear it again!

Dancing allows people to be develop creative and physical skills. Let your students create their own movements or interpret a song all on their own with their own movements. They might need guided steps or ideas but let them be the creator.

Dance allows you to socialize. Often times we need to dance with a partner or a group. Sometimes we might need to hold hands or get close together for a routine. Dance can definitely break the ice and get students to get to know each other better.

If you want to reduce stress and have improved relaxation… just dance!

Dance can help you have stronger bones & muscles, help with weight control and promote healthier brain! Yes we often times copy moves from our instructor but we must remember them and the different sequences and staging directions and we even might need to sing along all at the same time… It’s amazing what us dancers can remember!

You will get improved muscle tone and strength, endurance and motor fitness. Dance is great for your heart and lungs.

By dancing you can develop better coordination, agility and flexibility.

Dance teaches teamwork and accountability. Increases one’s responsibility and helps improve determination. Often times we have to rely on our teammates for certain tricks or even something simple as our spacing and timing we rely on each other. Dance teaches us some hard lessons. We learn how to be gracious winners and losers. We should be supportive of our teammates when they win or lose.

Dance builds self confidence. Dance helps you express your emotions. It helps with your posture.

Dancing improves brain function and boosts memory. Several studies have shown that dancing is linked to a reduced risk of dementia.

By competing and performing you will be prepared for the real world. Many of us might get a little nervous before or during our time on stage but we push through and do what we have to on stage. When going for a job interview, it’s like performing on stage. Many competitions do require an interview as part of the competition which is great practice for the real world. We need to be able to communicate with others and by practicing and speaking on stage, this will only help us in the future no matter what path you choose.

We learn how to plan and keep track of our busy schedules, practices, performances, preparation is the key to being successful in dance and in life.

Dance should also, ultimately be fun. All I know is that when I am dancing, I’m truly enjoying myself and having a good time. As teachers we must remember that and not take that away from them and push them away from wanting to continue down the path of dance. Competitions should be fun! Yes, it can be scary getting up on stage and everyone wants to win. But, overall, it should be fun!!!! No matter how old you are, Dance. Should. Be. Fun!

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