Dance Jobs

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Dance Jobs


Let’s talk about dance Jobs!!! I feel like things have really changed… I remember back in the day there weren’t too many options. There were theme parks such as Disney Word, Sea World, Universal, theme parks in Tampa, and a few dinner shows here and there but that was pretty much it.

 At theme parks there were two kinds of dancing jobs, entertainment dancing, like dancing you would do in the parades or as a character and then there is equity dancing in the theme park shows… They only take so many dancers so it can be hard to get a spot in these shows. Maintenance Choreographer for the shows and stage managers, there is lots of options in leadership.

 In Central FL we also had a lot of dinner theatre at the time. There are still a few out here going on but again, some do not pay well at all and again, only a few dancers usually dance in the shows so it’s tough sometimes to get the job if there isn’t an opening.

 Sports teams. We have all the sports teams here in Central FL and dance teams for them all! Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer… Most sports teams you usually perform at most of the games along with appearances. Years ago you had to do a required amount of appearances without pay, but now a days I think they do not have to do that anymore.

 Cruise ships… Cruises are so popular now and these days you can do so much more on the cruise like go online from the ship and it’s easy to stay in touch with family but what a fun job! You can dance in shows, you have no rent and when I danced on cruise ships at the time I had no bills, and you get free meals! It was a great job!!! Especially if you are single and wanting to save up on money! There are so many ships these days so there are more spots available for cruise ship dancer positions.

 Musical Theatre, there are Arts Centers that do hire and pay local performers for the theatre.

 Broadway, backup dancers, t.v. shows, and commercials of course are a possibility.

 Teaching is probably one of the most stable jobs as you usually follow the school calendar and guaranteed work. You can get paid great money as a teacher and still be flexible if you were to be a stay at home mom or have a daytime job if needed.

 Of course there is always directing dance teams whether it’s professional, semi-professional, collegiate… Teaching dance in elementary, middle or high schools… There are so many options. Of course you can teach dance online and then there’s choreography.

 You can do choreography anywhere, so I definitely feel like there are so many options.

 It’s crazy the different college degree options available now as well and colleges that actually have a dance business degree. I wish I  had this option when I went to college! Best thing to do join Facebook groups for jobs, go to as many auditions as possible.

 Always stay current, like I mentioned in my last episode, embrace your path, make new connections, enjoy the ride, you never know where you might end up!

Reach out if you have any questions or need choreography for your upcoming event, if you would like to be featured on my show just click contact, I’d love to have guests on my show and talk about anything and everything dance!!!

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