Headshots and Bodyshots for Dance Auditions

audition audition prep bodyshot headshot professional photographs Apr 24, 2023
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Do you have decent headshots or body shots for your audition? Well, no matter what your age is, you should have professional headshots and body shots and if you haven’t started already, you should start building your portfolio online and be seen on social media.

During the casting process, good photos are super important. First you need to focus on what you are auditioning for. Is it for a commercial? Is it for a specific type of dance style? Is it for a movie? Musical Theatre?

Casting directors want to see what your energy is, what your look is. You want to have a headshot that reflects you and your style. You can also include a body shot but keep this in mind. Even though the shot is for a dance gig, they aren’t focused on how high you can jump or how flexible you are. They will see your skills at the dance audition. Stick to solid colors, and don’t wear anything that will take away from you. Don’t have a crazy background or super huge jewelry etc.

If you are are auditioning for something specific or specialty commercial jobs, you will want to show that specific style. It’s not the time to show your versatility. If you are auditioning for a ballet gig, and you have a shot of you on pointe, that is perfect. You wouldn’t want to show up with a shot of you in tap shoes for the ballet gig.

Again, make sure you are bringing the right kind of body shot to the audition. If it’s for a fitness type job you might want to include a fitness or yoga shot. If its for a music video you might want to have a trendy body shot, definitely do your research on the artist. Your photo should show reflect that you look the part.

If you need to, take a look at other photos to get inspiration but don’t copy. You don’t want to look exactly like the other dancers, you want to stand out. Let your individual qualities shine through.

Social Media is a great place to showcase your photos. If you have a website, you can share your portfolio and show your versatility online. I like to include a QR code on my resume so they can go to my website or social media or view my dance reel of my experience. Make sure that you keep your social media posts professional. You want your posts and photos to reflect you. If you are posting adult rated photos and you are auditioning for a kid friendly show, it’s not a great idea. Always keep that in mind. Directors will go online to check out your presence on social media so be mindful when you post, you never know who is looking.

Make sure to ask others for recommendations and speak to the photographer ahead of time to make sure your experience will go smoothly. Be clear in what you are looking for. Speak up during the photo shoot if something isn’t going how you thought it was. Have backup outfits just in case. Make sure whatever wear, if you are doing a dance shot, that it moves well and photographs well. And of course bring makeup and hair supplies for touch ups.

As teachers it’s important to prepare them for auditions and this is part of it. Plan a workshop or have someone come to the studio and take specific headshot/body shots, not just recital photos. They should be updated often especially children since they grow so fast and are constantly changing and styles change as well.

If you have any tips you would like to share I'd love to hear it! Just message me on my website or visit me on social media! 

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