Inspiring Our Dancers

inspiration inspiring our dancers making a difference May 08, 2023
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Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions? You teach your class, you go home, you repeat, you work on recital, you work on competition or community performances, go home. Do you feel like you are making a difference in their life? I know that’s our goal as a teacher, to at least make a difference in one students life… well here are a few things you can do during class.

  1. Try something new. Dance can be fun. So change it up, maybe it’s the order or maybe you add a fun game.
  2. Put your students social needs and emotional needs first. Get to know your students and how they think, how they learn. What they enjoy etc. I love a good circle time. Not necessarily during every class, but it’s a great way to let the students share about themselves and to make a connection with your students.
  3. Don’t always be so serious. When I think back, my dance classes were pretty much black and white. You knew what was expected and you just did what you were told. You warmed up, you danced across the floor doing combinations, and then possibly learned a routine at the end of class. Incorporate a fun game during class. Maybe play different music for your ballet class. Instead of traditional ballet music, play hip hop or top hits. Use props during class, like a prop day or prop month… Have a spirit week at your studio to lighten things up!
  4. Help your students set goals. Whether it’s a new trick or just improving flexibility or maybe even picking up choreography faster. Even though we usually group students together by grade, age or skill level, everyone has different needs and most likely has different goals.
  5. Bring in a master teacher. Bring in a makeup professional. Focus on a different part of dance like staging, making props, lighting, costuming. Guide your dancers to different sources of inspiration.

Again, if you feel like you are in a rut, take some time for yourself and you will find your inspiration to inspire others.

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