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makeup makeup brushes Nov 11, 2022
Makeup Brushes for Dancers

As a former professional dancer it is very important that you know how to do your makeup. Growing up, I never was properly taught. You just put it on, and hoped it looked good. As time went on and with different professional dancing jobs I got, I learned more and more on techniques. Now we have information at our fingertips so you can watch tutorials on social media to learn or you can even go to your local makeup beauty store. I primarily have been taught how to do my makeup when I danced professionally with the Orlando Magic Dance Team for the NBA. Each year we had a makeup lesson. And guess what, it's important to keep educating yourself in anything you do, and that includes makeup.  I learned something new every year. I learned new trends and techniques every year. Each makeup artist will teach something differently, so again it's important to keep up and to keep learning and growing. I haven't practiced doing my makeup, like performance, photoshoot style makeup in forever so I could really use a brush up lesson. I fell in love with brushes. Prior to dancing professionally I just used what came with the makeup... Brushes just make a huge difference. There are different brushes for different purposes. I have a couple I like to use for my eyeshadow. I have a brush to put on my foundation, a blush brush primarily. I love brushes. If you haven't been using them, start now! Make sure that you do clean them every once in a while! :) Below I have attached a few links on some brushes. These are different price points for any budget. 


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