Making A Living Online - Teach Dance and Choreograph Online

allschool fiverr gigsalad outschool upwork Oct 20, 2022
Clovers virtual dance studio - Teach Dance and Choreograph Online

     In this blog I am going to talk about how you can choreograph or teach dance online. I have been successful dancing online for over 10 years and you can do it to! I never would have thought that this was a possibility but it is. I know some do not take it very seriously or think, yea I did that during Covid, that was a phase and now we don’t need online classes anymore, well, there are so many wonderful reasons on why we should continue online lessons and how they can only enhance your physical dance studio lessons, school lessons, and homeschool lessons, and if a child is ever bored, well, there’s no reason to be bored, they can just hop online and take a lesson!

     I have been working online for over a decade on many different platforms and wanted to share those with you if you are interested in working from home. From doing product demonstrations to choreographing online to teaching online, I have done it all. Have you ever thought about being remote and working from home or wherever you are located? By joining a platform it is so super easy. The platforms that I have personally worked on is Fiverr, Upwork, GigSalad, Outschool and Allschool. They are easy to signup and set up your service, and very easy to set up your account information to get paid. Best part of these platforms is that you can set your own schedule. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up or to stop working with a platform. Most platforms do take a percentage but it’s usually more than fair if they are marketing you and of course some goes to admin. If you are starting out these are some great online platforms that I definitely recommend. I have learned so much through all of these platforms and recommend using one of these platforms before starting your own online business. You can get great ideas and practice by using any of these platforms and there are so many more out there but these are just some that I have had personal experience with and made money from.

     It depends on what you are providing but I have choreographed a ton via video recording. Sometimes depending on the platform I actually went to a certain location to teach choreography. You definitely need to be smart and think about safety when going to a physical location. I never thought of all the possibilities of what can be accomplished online but  there is so much you can do. Just to name a few I have done classes live and pre-recorded, coaching, Wedding Routines such as a first dance for the couple or father/daughter dance, Quinceanera surprise routines, online - in-house field trip, talent show routines, business events, and more.

     Again, the great thing about working online is that you can do it as little or as much as you want. You also don’t need much since if you are choreographing or teaching a class, all you need is enough space to move around! I do use props in my lessons to make them more engaging. In some classes I even use PDF files for games or crafts to be incorporated in the lesson to make it a kinesthetic learning experience.

I hope this has motivated you to move forward with your online dance journey. Remember, the possibilities are endless, you can do it!

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