My Orlando Magic Audition Experience

dance team nba orlando magic Nov 28, 2022
Orlando Magic NBA Dance Team

     I am always working on my business and was working on my podcast and blog, and updating my website and I was just thinking about back in the day… Auditioning for different shows and theme parks. So then I thought, you know what, I need to share my story of auditioning. I wanted to share in particular my experience auditioning for the Orlando Magic NBA basketball dance team. The very first time I auditioned for the Magic was when I was 18. I was new at auditioning, was not prepared at all. Thought I was, but looking back, I definitely wasn’t. I remember I wore my hair down but pulled my sides up, this was the style back then, and I wore a biketard. I thought I looked cute. I had never talked with anyone in regards to auditioning before and was the oldest in my family and didn’t have anyone close in age that I looked up to that I felt comfortable to ask questions about auditions. There were several rounds. I made it through the "fIexibility" portion and then got cut right away.  After that, I went to college for a year and I continued to dance. I danced on cruise ships and met my husband. A few years had passed, and the next time I auditioned for the Magic was when I was 21 years old and had so much more dance experience... so I thought I was ready.

    I made it to the finals that year, but I did not make the team. Now, in my young head at the time, I remember thinking, I am a better dancer, why didn’t I make the team? So, they had sparkles on and I didn’t, that shouldn’t be the deciding factor… For the next 4 years in a row, I auditioned and only made it to the finals. Each year, the one thing I did do… was improve myself every-time I auditioned. Whether if it was my physical appearance and exercised more, whether it was stepping up my dancing game by going to more classes or worked on flexibility more. I worked on my appearance by practicing doing my hair and makeup. I stepped up my wardrobe as well. Oh, and yes, worked on my interviewing skills. I am horrible at interviews. Well, Guess, what, after those few years of auditioning I finally made the team! 5th time was a charm! I had to start thinking as one of them. If I was directing a team, and a group of dancers walked in a room, I am going to notice the dancer that is in shape or is put together and stands out, arrives on time, acts professional. Looks are the first thing. Second, is your dance skills. Some auditions will have an interview, some won’t but if they do, this is big, you have to practice because if you don’t and you are like me, you are going to blow it… Some companies expect you to speak professionally especially if you might be interviewed on t.v. or at an event or out in the public doing appearances. If you are new at auditioning the sooner you can get over, "I’m a better dancer" mentality, the better! The more you start thinking like you are on the other side, what would you look for? You must look the part when you are auditioning you should be ready to just walk out and look like you are already on the team! I will say, each time I auditioned I got better and grew as a person. All those times auditioning only made me stronger and more appreciative of all the wonderful experiences I did get to experience. I made the team at age 25 and danced for 5 seasons till  age 30. Once I hit 30 my husband and I decided to have children.

     Age doesn’t matter. Just be your best, get out there, learn from others. If you have an older sibling or parent or dance teacher, whoever, ask them questions, ask them to help you practice for the audition. Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be afraid of getting feedback!!! That’s why I am passionate about helping others with auditioning because I know what it’s like auditioning with no auditioning experience and just jumping in. And if you don’t get the job the first time, it’s ok. Every experience is an experience you can learn from. You can book a one-on-on coaching session with me and we can do a mock interview, I can give you a routine and give you feedback on your dancing or technique or your look or your outfit! On my website just go to "store" and click on coaching! If you have any tips on auditioning or want to share your experience auditioning, please feel free to comment on my social media, I do post my podcast on YouTube so you can also comment there or if you are a member on my site you can always share in the members only community. Remember don’t give up!  Parents/Guardians of children who are auditioning, schedule a one-on-one so they will be more confident and prepared sooner than later!

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