Putting A Routine Together - Choreography Challenge

#cloversvirtualdancestudio #deannaclover challenge choreography Dec 19, 2022

Have you ever had choreography block? Are you not comfortable yet choreographing? Here are a few tips to help you get through any difficulties or to spring on new ideas for your routine! I hope this helps! If you have any other ideas let me know! 

Day 1: Find a song that you want to use… Play the song over and over… Get to know all the accents in the music, freestyle. Start with a particular section, beginning, middle, ending. Write down the counts and or print out the lyrics. Video yourself or write down choreography notes when choreographing to remember what you did.

Day 2: Only use a certain body part while dancing to the music. Pick a particular body part, arm, leg, elbow etc… This can make a great exercise for your students as well in a choreography class. Or as an instructor you can get great ideas watching your students experiment.

Day 3: Floor work only: Only use the floor when choreographing. What kind of new moves can you come up with while being on the floor. Try only laying down, try only using moves while on knees, on your stomach etc.

Day 4: Binge watch movies/YouTube videos of dances, commercials, other studio videos. Get inspired but others music or movements or sequence. Take a move and make it your own, don’t copy.

Day 5: Write with your body while moving. Write your name, or draw shapes. It can be in the air, on the floor, on the wall, anywhere. Be inspired by your movements and incorporate them into a routine.

Day 6: Props! Pick a prop to inspire you. Use a chair, a hat, something unusual. This is also a great exercise for your students for a choreography class or to get ideas by watching your students.

Day 7: Focus on feelings only. Wether a song is upbeat or slow, use all your emotions to execute the moves. This can really change the feel of the dance and can effect counts etc.

***Make sure your routine flows and makes sense. Do the moves over and over and make sure your routine is clean in transitions etc., especially with beginner level dancers. Make modifications if needed. If you are guys teaching and not really sure of their level be prepared to modify your routine to beginner, intermediate or advanced. Have extra moves ready or sometimes instead of changing the moves you might want to just play with formations or put in a chain reaction/domino effect. ***


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