Dance Audition Tips and Tricks

auditions Oct 24, 2022
Dance Audition Tips and Tricks

     If you want the in’s and out’s of auditioning I have a few tips for you. In this blog I will be sharing my experience about auditions and how you can implement some helpful tips and tricks during your audition and hopefully you will feel more comfortable and confident when you go to an audition.

     So there are so many types of auditions. Auditions for a dance team, a dance class setting for a dance competition, cheer team, talent show, theatre. It doesn’t matter what you are auditioning for, these tips will help you and remind you of what you should do in an audition or during the audition process.

     They all require preparation. We all should know that so make sure you are prepared. But how prepared? Is it a job or part for a musical that you really really want? Don’t just start preparing a week before or a few days before, you should always be preparing for that next job, that next gig, that next musical.

     If it’s a dance audition are you ready mentally or physically? Do they provide prep classes? Before I made the Orlando Magic Dance Team for the NBA Basketball team, I was very clueless to auditions. They offer prep classes and in my head, I was like, why would I need to go to a prep class, I know how to dance. But there is way more to it then just taking a class. First of all, just by showing up it makes you look like you really want the job. And you are going out of your way to go to this extra class. It will make you stand out compared to someone who didn’t go to the prep classes. If your schedule allows it, go to as many as you can. You will get to meet the choreographer or choreographers that work with the organization. You get to know the choreographers or director etc. even if it’s for just a few seconds that you might make a connection or maybe you ask a question or say thank you for class. So when it comes to the day of the audition, it feels like you already know the choreographer and feel more comfortable. It’s not a guarantee but it definitely moves you up a notch if you didn’t go at all.

     Keep going to the gym or exercise and eat right. As a dancer, you will most likely do many performances and need to have endurance. If you need to work on your flexibility, keep going to dance classes and keep stretching. Make sure that you find at least a couple outfits, one that you plan on wearing and a back up just in case the original outfit has a malfunction or maybe someone wears the same outfit… Don’t wait till the last minute. Plan how you will wear your hair, makeup and bring what you can in case you need to do a touch up at the audition.

     Don’t stress about another job or your schedule. Sometimes I would get paranoid about if I make the team, and I will have conflicts with my other work schedule. Don’t stress or make drastic changes until you know you have the job.

     Practice interviewing… Practice either recording yourself or if you can practice with someone else. A lot of jobs they want you to be able to be sociable with guests. Sometimes not only are you a dancer, but you might have to do appearances. When I worked with the Orlando Magic we had to do required hours which meant we were the faces of the community. We had to be able to speak well and have a conversation with total strangers. Practice now so you are comfortable. Again, as an entertainer you should always be working on yourself to maintain and to improve your skills.

     These are just some things to think about. You might have heard them before but sometimes it’s good to hear again as a reminder. Main thing is, be confident, be prepared from head to toe!

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